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Technical Introduction


FigureIntroduction to NSYSU 4th Generation Graphics Chip (SYS-3DG Core-IV)

The NSYSU Graphics Technology Development Team created the NSYSU 3rd Generation Graphics Chip (NSYSU 3DG Core-III) in 2014. Its features include a SIMD architecture vector graphics processor, support for dynamic clock and voltage adjustment (DVFS), OpenGL ES 2.0 API library, and a single-core ARM-like processor for system graphics chips. Due to limitations in the CIC process, it could only be manufactured using the 90nm process. As a result, its performance and power consumption were slightly less competitive compared to commercial products of the same period (AMD and NVIDIA GPUs from the same period both used the 28nm process). However, if other commercial products were adjusted to the same clock speed and core count (reducing the impact of the process), the performance of NSYSU's 3rd Generation Graphics Chip compared to AMD Radeon R9-290X, a top-tier graphics card from Q1 2014, reached 95.8% of its architectural performance. This demonstrates that the chip designed in this project has approached the level of top industry designs. The NSYSU 4th Generation Graphics Chip has been approved for production using the 28nm process and, with advanced process technology and the integration of new design architecture and low-power strategies, we are confident that we can enable Taiwan's local technology to compete with world-class designs.