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Establishment Principles

The Establishment Principles of Research Center

The center's purpose is to effectively cultivate talent in multimedia technology research and development, enhance the university's expertise in multimedia software and hardware development, and implement industry-academic collaboration. Its missions are as follows:

  • Integrate the university's resources and talent in digital content and multimedia technology development.
  • Elevate the university's competence in digital content and related multimedia technologies.
  • Seek research projects related to digital content and multimedia technology.
  • Conduct training programs to foster talent in digital content and multimedia technology development.
  • Implement industry-academic collaboration in digital content and multimedia technology.
  • Plan and facilitate seminars and competitions related to digital content and multimedia technology.
  • Develop and promote interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Facilitate international cooperation and participation in international standardization.

  Our team is the only one in Taiwan with complete capabilities in 3D graphics software and hardware development and long-term cooperation (at least 11 years). We have independently designed the SIMD-Based multi-threaded graphics processor in Taiwan, and have long-term development of 3D computer graphics libraries OpenGL ES 1.0 and OpenGL ES 2.0, as well as a graphics processor compiler that supports Khronos GLSL Syntax.

  Users can develop 3D stereoscopic display and interactive applications on this independently developed graphics software and hardware platform, which allows for a user interface that combines sensory interaction. Specific applications include 3D interactive digital museums and integrating 3D characters into sensory systems. This shifts the user's relationship with 3D display technology from a passive viewing perspective to an interactive one. 3D stereoscopic imaging not only enhances human visual experiences but also adds realism and fun to various areas such as home entertainment, advertising, education, gaming, shopping, healthcare, and video interaction.